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Kingdom luxury Realty

Team Goals


KLR’s mission is to serve our community by glorifying Jesus, inspiring generosity, and ultimately building lasting relationships with clients through real estate. Buying and selling homes provide us an avenue to help you grow in financial responsibility and create a lifestyle that prioritizes God’s mission in your life and community. We believe that by using resources wisely, His Kingdom will expand and so will yours. We also believe life is too short for negativity and we should have fun doing what we're called to do!

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What is a Deferred sales trust?

What is a Deferred sales trust?

Kingdom Luxury Realty is one of California's few expert realty companies utilizing the deferred sales trust, or the DST. DSTs help you defer 100% of the capital gains tax upon the sale of highly appreciated assets including: primary residence, commercial real estate, a business, public or private stock, crypto currencies, and even art. 

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